Was dieting one of your new year’s resolutions? Want to drop a waist size in 2021? We are now in the second week of the year and as the Christmas leftovers and alcohol have all been consumed, it’s time to start that diet which you promised to yourself on New Years Eve.

This year, we are going to meet those fitness goals and change our habits for the better. However, habits take a while to form so the best way to approach this is to introduce gradual changes into your daily routine.

Don’t try to make too many changes at once, focus on three small changes a month until the end of the year. By approaching it this way, you won’t become overwhelmed too quickly by focusing on too many things at once.

If you follow this tip, by the end of this month, three new habits will be part of your routine! Think about what you’d like to work on first. For example you might first want to look at reducing your sugar intake. In this case, some examples of your January diet resolutions might be:

  • I will have a piece of fruit for dessert instead of a sugary treat
  • I will cut out fizzy drinks
  • I will switch from pre-sweetened yogurt to plain yogurt

Or perhaps consuming too much fat is your problem. In that case, your January diet resolutions might be:

  • Instead of chips with my lunch, I will have a side salad
  • I will switch from regular salad dressing to low fat
  • I will have my cereal with non-fat milk instead of whole milk

If it’s portion control you need to work on, your January resolutions might look like this:

  • I will use smaller plates when I eat at home to control my portions
  • I will weight out pasta before cooking it
  • I will weight out cereal before pouring it into the bowl

This is the year to take a different approach to your diet resolutions – This the year that you will achieve your fitness goals!

Make these few changes, give them a month to settle in, and then build on them, month after month.


How to Stick to Your Diet Resolutions

Once you’ve introduced these changes, the tricky bit is staying strict with them throughout the year. We have some additional tips to help you with this as well:

Set Realistic Goals – If your goals are unrealistic, you are less likely to stick with them in the long term.
Seek help from friends – Tell your friends about your goals so they can offer encouragement and hold you accountable.
Decide how to track your progress – You may choose to weigh yourself once a week, or your aim might be to reduce your waist size by ‘x’ inches. Hold yourself accountable by regularly tracking progress
Be patient – Losing weight doesn’t just happen overnight, make gradual changes each month and throughout the year you will start to see results!


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