Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle can be tricky, with diet requirements changing from person to person. Knowing exactly what you need to stay fit is challenging, but our Tri Blend Select protein shake is here to help. 

As one of the main nutrition groups, protein is a vital part of anyone’s diet and can cause problems if too little is consumed. Low protein levels are known to stunt growth in young children, and can also cause skin degeneration. Making sure you have the right balance of vitamins and minerals will improve not only your physical health, but your mental health also. Taking care of yourself should be a priority. 

Protein shakes are a perfect way to improve nutrition levels in your body, but how does this benefit you?

How they improve your nutrition

With a healthy level of protein in your system, muscle gain as well as weight loss is encouraged. Protein shakes are taken before or after exercise, between meals, and are excellent for increased protein intake. They are a simple and effective part of any diet and are easy to incorporate into a routine. 

Protein shakes give you better control of your appetite so you can have power over what goes into your body. Protein also increases rates of metabolism, shedding stored fat by allowing the body to burn more calories. Consuming this popular nutritional supplement is a step closer to a more balanced diet, improving general health, sleep, and bone strength to name a few. 

Protein is built to repair, and so increasing the levels of this nutrient into your diet can hugely benefit your body. 

Are they that effective? 

Are protein shakes actually that effective, and can all of those benefits come from a simple drink? The simple answer is yes, but they can’t do it on their own. 

It’s common knowledge that protein shakes are not built to be meal replacements, instead they are a proven way of increasing protein levels in your system. Multiple positive effects derive from the consumption of protein shakes, but must be done in conjunction with other efforts like frequent exercise and a balanced diet. They are effective for various different goals in life, from weight loss to weight gain and bulking-up.

The average adult needs 50-60 grams of protein a day, depending on their weight and height. For those with plant-based diets, such as vegans and vegetarians, finding the right levels of protein in substitute animal-products can be tough. With protein shakes, you are preventing the negative side effects low protein has on your body, whilst also improving your nutrition. 

Protein shakes are a fun and creative way to increase your protein intake. Figure of Health’s Tri Blend Select protein powder comes in two delicious flavours for you to try, both are naturally sourced and 100% vegan. Visit our Tri Blend Select product page to find our more, or call us on 07801220563 to get in touch. 


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