As more people are realising the environmental and health benefits of becoming vegan, more people are actively choosing to be vegan. This is a great move for an individual for a number of reasons, but if you’re the one buying a gift… it can prove difficult. Veganism is on the rise, a 2016 study in the UK found a whopping 360% rise in people saying they identify as vegan. So the question is, what vegan gifts for her are out there? 

There are so many no-gos for vegan gifts for her, no leather, no milk-based cookies, even no candles! There is also a wide grey area in veganism, for example, would a second-hand leather item be accepted as a vegan gift for her? 

In this blog, we will help nail down what vegan gifts for her will be perfect for your friend or girlfriend. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of ideas after this short read! 



Let’s start with how veganism first started, with food! Even vegans struggle with finding the right food that suits them. It would be a really thoughtful idea to do some research and find out what foods work well together and buy all the ingredients… If you want to go all the way, cook a meal for them! This is a great idea as it works on every budget and taking the time out of your day to cook dinner will be really appreciated. 

Another idea that is less time-consuming is to buy a vegan recipe book! You can personalise this by picking out a book that specialises in the types of food your friend likes. For example, if your friend likes Japanese food, you could get her a vegan Japanese book! People also have different favourite chefs or styles of cooking, so you can really get invested in this topic!


Protein bundles and nutrients vegans may need

You could put together a bundle of nutrients that vegans may miss out on. These nutrients include vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and iron. These would be really appreciated by a vegan as it again shows your thoughtfulness. Believe it or not, vegans don’t tend to think about the nutrients they miss out on, so this could be extremely useful and something nobody else will think about! 

You can buy vegan supplements from Figure of Health. Some products we recommend are tri-blend select which will give vegans a protein boost and aloe max which can help you lose weight and reach the perfect water limit to keep you hydrated.  


Vegan-friendly face and body products

These products can be hard to find. Almost all face and beauty products are on the shelves and ready for use before going through harmful animal experiments. It’s important to vegans that they do not participate in buying these products, but they’re hard to find. Having a dig around on the internet for vegan products can make you really appreciate how inaccessible vegan beauty products are. Lush do a great variety of products for vegans, and who doesn’t love a lush bathbomb! 


Vegan leather shoes

These are growing in popularity and it’s no wonder- vegans need leather substitute shoes! You can find these in every style from different websites and are just as sturdy as leather shoes, what’s not to like? 


Stainless steel water bottles 

Stainless steel water bottles are the future. Why not keep it eco-friendly and buy your friend a trendy bottle that will last forever? You can make it personal by buying them a bottle with a pattern that will suit them- it’s a must-have!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog on vegan gifts for her. If you want to buy anything for your health or your friend’s health for her birthday, take a look at our website and products.

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